Craft Business You Can Start From Your Home

If you love to craft and want to make extra money or start working for yourself, a craft business you can run from home is a perfect starting point. You can create products in your spare time and slowly build up your business over time until you have enough income to stop your day job. In many cases, small business owners start this way, utilising the income from their day jobs to fund their new venture. It can be very hard work, but once you reach the point of giving up your job, it will be worth all of the efforts you put in at the beginning. This approach also allows you to explore different ideas; if your first idea doesn’t work or requires too much effort to make a profit, you can easily switch tactics and start a new venture. Here are some of our top ideas for craft businesses you can start from home.

Candle making

Candles are a luxurious item that people use to relax and unwind. There is a considerable demand for candles that smell like flowers, food and even a particular season. Candle making can be easily self-taught online using YouTube and other online resources. To start, you only need to invest in a few pieces of equipment to get your business up and running. Candle prices range significantly from cheap £2-£3 candles up to much more expensive luxury candles that cost over £60. Look for a unique opening in the market to set your business apart from the competition; using exciting shapes, unique candle holders or create candles that change as they burn; these are just a few unusual ideas to help shape your business. Whatever candle style you choose to make, test it out with friends and family first before selling them online.

Making soap

Making soap is very easy; you only need a few ingredients to make a basic soap. You can then use your creativity to add scents and decoration to your soap. Handmade soap is an excellent gift that many people choose to purchase for a loved one's birthday, Christmas or anniversary. You can make your soap unique by adding flowers, herbs, colours, patterns and even keepsakes in the middle of the soap. Websites like Etsy are the ideal place to start selling your soap and build up a following of customers. Try to add your own spin on the soap you make, as this market is bustling with businesses. You can buy lovely soap boxes online in bulk that perfectly hold a piece of soap and allow you to ship your products without causing any damage. Soap bars are increasing in popularity as they don’t require plastic to contain them. Many households trying to reduce plastic waste opt for handmade soap bars instead of liquid soap in a plastic bottle.

Bath bombs

Another interesting craft business idea is to create bath bombs at home and sell them online. Bath bombs are simple and easy to make; they’re often given as gifts and can be personalised with fragrances and colours. Bath bombs can help soothe and relax the body, improve circulation, detoxify the skin, relieve stress and promote better sleep. Like soaps, bath bombs can be created and delivered without any plastic packaging to help the environment and reduce waste.

Gift boxes

If you love the idea of crafting but can’t pinpoint a specialist skill or craft, you could look at creating gift baskets or gift boxes for occasions. Collate several different items into a personalised gift box and sell the gift box online. People struggle to know what to buy friends and family for events such as baby showers or hen parties. Specific themed gift boxes or gift baskets can be easy to put together in an appealing and attractive way. Try sourcing unusual or bespoke items to make your gift baskets stand out from others in the market. Once you have a gift basket or box that sells well, you can negotiate bulk buying items directly from suppliers to increase your margins. Personalised touches and handwritten cards are easy to add to your gift box and can help to attract more business.


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